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Universal Supps Universal Supps Featured - Bronze
Health professionals, Springfield Central 4300
Supplement company focused on only bringing you the best advice at the best price!
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Studio Barre Pilates Mt Martha Studio Barre Pilates Mt Martha Featured - Bronze
Barre, Mount Martha 3934
Barre Pilates is a total body workout fusing Pilates, ballet and yoga. Classes are designed to tone your entire body. We do weights, push ups, lots of leg work at the barre, floor core exercise and stretch and relaxation. A fun and challenging workout creating a leaner, fitter, stronger body. All ages welcome.
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Thai Massage, Hyde Park 5061
Thai massage is well-known for its benefits. It uses the gentle compression on 10 main energy lines and the yoga-like stretching providing deeper level of relaxation. This deeper level of relaxation improves range of movement and emotional status of individuals. Deep relaxation has been shown to promote restorative night's sleep as well. This deeper sleep allows the body to heal itself physical, and let you feel more refreshed upon awakening. Base on Thai massage principle and Western theory, ...
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RunEtics RunEtics Featured - Silver
Myotherapy, Mindarie 6030
Lynotherapy is a method whereby the mobility of the fascia is assessed and released in order to restore natural movement patterns to the body. LYNO will help you better understand how the muscles in your body work and treatments will improve your movement, balance, flexibility and help alleviate pain. LYNO is a great way of preventing sports related and overcompensation injuries by making sure that all your muscles are balanced and working together. Every Lynotherapy treatment consists of a ...
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