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Queensland Kettlebells

Featured - Silver
Weights Gyms, East Brisbane 4169

If you're looking for support, great company, fantastic coffee and dad jokes while reaching your training goals, our gym in East Brisbane offers all these and more. We are committed to helping our people improve the way their body moves and feels quickly, knowing they will be able to do the things they love for a long time to come. We don't focus on small, short-term progress, for us, its more about setting a plan in motion that improves your state of mind and body for the rest of your life. ...

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Country Harmony

Featured - Silver
Stone Massage, Guyra 2365

Relax and unwind with a touch of Country Harmony Massage & Natural Therapies. The time to relax is when you don't have the time. Country Harmony offers a variety of massage therapy techniques and natural therapies which can promote deep relaxation while gently reducing stress and aiding in the recovery from bodily illness and dis-ease. Twenty eight years industry experience. Offering various massage techniques including: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, ...

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Laguna Beauty Day Spa

Featured - Silver
Day Spas, Eastwood 2122

Laguna Beauty Day Spa is a wide range of cutting- edge beauty technology & cosmetic services as well as both international and traditional spa treatments. These treatments can rejuvenate both body and soul. Indulgent massage and beauty treatments balance the energy flow and purify the body and skin, as well as promote circulation, increase flexibility and make you feel younger! Our therapists will focus on your individual needs and well-being. Enjoy many touches of luxury designed to help you rejuvenate ...

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Featured - Silver
Deep Tissue Massage, Shepparton 3630

MOBILE MASSAGE BY MALE MASSEUR Relaxellent is a reputable massage service specializing in 15 different massage modalities. Combining over ten years experience with in-depth professional knowledge, Relaxellent is your best choice for a most entertaining, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. My name is George Parker. I am a Naturopath and a licensed massage therapist. I offer customized personal massages designed to reduce stress and relief pain. Conveniently located in Shepparton, Relaxellent ...

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Create Movement Pilates

Featured - Silver
Contemporary Pilates, Sandringham 3191

Hello, and welcome to Create Movement! My name is Claudia, and this is my boutique Bayside Pilates Studio. I have been a passionate Pilates Teacher for 11 years. Pilates is a holistic approach to fitness and leaves me feeling challenged, stronger, happier and recharged. It has improved my posture and cast a whole new light on my approach to my body and well-being. One of the most important things I have learned in my time as a Pilates Practitioner is that everyone’s body is unique – we all ...

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Hypnotherapy, Moorabbin 3189

Transform Your Life Today. Are you feeling Depressed, Anxious, Stuck or Disillusioned with Life? Hi, I'm Caroline Connor and I help people to move forward in their life by creating positive and lasting changes. 95% of what you do is unconscious, which makes it nigh on impossible to work through things that are affecting you effectively and efficiently on your own. If you could there would be no issues in our lives. Sometimes you need objective, confidential help to be able to see ...

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Life Coaches, Joondalup 6027

Everyone needs help at times, so asking for help is quite a natural thing to do. At Perth Psychologists we are here to help you find help with what is challenging you at the moment. We have 4 offices around Perth – Joondalup, Nedlands, Cockburn Central and Harrisdale. By only employing trained psychologists we believe our counselors have the necessary skills and experience to help you understand your situation better, and the tools to show you to move forward. At Perth Psychologists, we ...

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Featured - Silver
Deep Tissue Massage, North Richmond 2754

We offer from Deep tissue , Relaxation to Thai Yoga massage. We are located in the Hawkesbury region ( North Richmond ) servicing surrounding suburbs of Richmond, Glossodia , Kurrajong, Billpin, Grose Vale, Bowen Mountain.

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Wade the Massage Guy

Featured - Silver
Myofascial Release, Brisbane 4000

Wade the Massage Guy has over 10 years experience in the Remedial Massage Industry. Working in some of the largest clinics around Australia. Wade the Massage Guy has worked with the: Wallabies Broncos Australian Institute of Sport Olympians Athletes Desk Workers Office Workers Gym Goers Wade's specialties lie in the following: Remedial Massage Brisbane Back Pain Remedial Massage Neck Pain Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD Lower Back Pain Remedial Massage Headaches Massage Migraines ...

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Bootcamp Sessions, Terrigal 2260

World longest running Bootcamp. Australia’s number 1 military inspired Group Personal Training.

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Ayurveda, Northcote 3070

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is run by Dr Gurnam Singh Saini and Dr Pooja Saini – the best Ayurvedic Doctor Clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Having completed 6 years’ BAMs Course and then 2 years’ MD in alternate medicine, he also has certificate in Panchakarma Detox. They successfully deliver the best ayurvedic treatment like: Stress Management, Rejuvenation and Immunity Boosting, Ayurvedic Weight Loss Programme, Pain Management Programme, Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne etc. If someone is suffering ...

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Back Massage, Rosehill 2142

Masculine Aussie Guy Toned Body Athletic Good Looking, Brown Hair Green Eyes, Very Friendly, Easy Going, Convenient Location, Minutes Walk From Granville Train Station, Close to Parramatta CBD, Private & Discreet, Modern Apartment, Private Entrance, Lots of Parking, In/outcalls Available 7- Days Till Late, Call or Text For Any Details, By Appointment Only, Phone Now - Get The Massage You Really Want! Do you need to escape the stress and fatigue of a long day? Why not treat yourself to a ...

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Naturopath, Hampton 3188

In my Practice I look at your health from a different perspective and provide positive answers and safe solutions for your symptoms. I look at your health from a holistic view point and not just from one symptom As a Nutritionist, I believe that many diseases and chronic symptoms come about from our very poor modern diet and that healing can be very positive just from eating the right foods, Also as a Naturopath I know that today it is not a question of whether or not you have been exposed ...

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PST by the SEA

Featured - Silver
Depression, Frankston South 3199

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Private Subconscious Therapy (PST) is a proven approach to dealing with a wide range of negative thoughts, behaviours and physical symptoms. Fast. Effective. Private. In just 3, 90 minute sessions PST addresses: Anxiety. Depression. Insomnia. Post natal depression. Panic attacks. PTSD. Performance block. Phobias. Grief. Low self-esteem. Focused on a permanent solution, PST unlocks the capacity of the mind to restore the body to balanced physical and mental health. PST ...

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Highlands Chi Kung

Featured - Bronze
Qigong, Yerrinbool 2575

Chi Kung or Qigong, is a set of Chinese exercise routines with slow and gentle movements combined with breathing technique and mind focus. The earliest known recording is around 7000 years ago. Highlands Chi Kung is centred on teaching Chi Kung forms in a classroom environment, or as 1:1 and has evolved since since 2009. Chi Kung study with Masters in Australia and China has led to certificates in 7 forms, and Chi Kung Practitioner. A Certificate IV workplace training and assessment was gained ...

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Health Professionals, Warragul 3820

Online Psychology and Counselling Service. Connecting you with qualified and experienced Australian psychologists from the comfort of your home or office. Same day appointments available. We are a small team of professional and effective psychologists who have been working online for 4 years. We take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously; only using the 'gold standard' in video conferencing technology to connect you with the right professional at the right time. There are two options ...

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Move Fitness Bass Hill

I've tried a few gyms in the area now and while its not the biggest gym its the most comfortable. The place is always clean & tidy. The other members are actu...

Peninsula Pampers

Had the most amazing relaxing Massage with Peninsula Pampers! Would highly recommend and I’ll definitely be back!!

Cathy Hatton Visit listing page

Deborah Sweeney Kinesiology

I saw deborah today as I’ve been stressed and emotional, she helped me connect with what was the core issue of what was bothering me. I felt so relaxed when I...

Karlie Wilson Visit listing page

Self Defence Sydney

These self defence short courses offers a practical and easy method to ward off even thw biggest aggressors. Higjly recommended!

Larry Free Visit listing page


Katherine is a dedicated, highly motivated professional trainer. Her classes are fun and energetic, with a focus on applying the correct exercise techniques. Ea...

Specialee K Massage Therapies

Kate was able to get me moving again as back and legs were very tight. Not only did she relax the muscles and easy my pain, but she gave me some insight into ...

24Fit Norwood

Great gym. Amazing staff.

Alex Weeks Visit listing page

Piece Together Counselling

Piece Together counselling changed my life,I will forever be great full for the genuine care and support of Rachel and her team.

Sarah Maree Visit listing page

Aurelia Energy Enhancement Clinic

I have had 5 sessions in your Energy Enhancement Hall to date. For the first time in many years I have been sleeping soundly at night and waking up feeling ener...

Health Divine

Peter is an amazing man and a dietitian, he has good rapport to his patients!! I rate Peter 10/10!!! Highly recommended to all. Thank you Peter for supporting m...

Blue Van schalkwyk Visit listing page

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Seven strategies to improve your quality of sleep

How well do you sleep?  Is sleep, the most important aspect to maintain good health? The reality is you can have a really healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, practice yoga and be on the best quality supplements, but if you don’t get quality sleep, your health will be compromised. Keep reading for more strategies that will help improve your quality of sleep.

How deep conscious breathing relieves stress

An easy and effective breathing strategy to reduce stress, build life force energy and bring you into presence. When we bring consciousness to our breath we can affect our body, mind, and the involuntary sympathetic nervous system responsible for the fight or flight response. These simple tips will show you what you need to do.

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On average, people spend approximately two to four hours (or more!) a day slumped over their phone. Be warned. It’s called ‘Smart Phone Syndrome' and it puts pressure on the spine that can lead to surgery. Find out how you can correct it.

Mental illness - how it impacts people

It is time to educate yourselves and see mental illness for what it is and find acceptance in the reality that it is a different type of Illness that exists among human beings. If you have mental illness, it is time you knew this truth also. The stigma that is present is only present due to lack of education on the topic, therefore causing ignorance. This article looks at what it is about mental illness that is affecting people.

Controlling your thoughts through meditation

A Wellness Coach analyses the goal of meditation as a way to regain control over our mind in this article. It claims meditation allows us the freedom to choose a meditation that suits our individuality. There are meditations to suit all individuals including the over-thinkers, the yogi’s, the young at heart and those that find it difficult to sit still. Read more to find out how meditation can affect you and which may be best for you.

About kinesiology and what it does to your body

Kinesiology looks at the body as a whole - Mind, Body and Spirit, as one unit. If there is an imbalance in one area then it’s probably impacting the other areas. Kinesiology, through muscle monitoring allows us to determine where these imbalances are without the need for conscious awareness. This article explains why.

Causes of Depression: Can a psychologist help?

There are many things we don’t understand about depression, and its exact cause is one of them. However, it often results from a combination of events in a person’s life as well as other personal factors, rather than a single event or issue. This article explores the potential triggers to help you better manage your risk.

Why you need a natural mineral drink in your diet

The human body may not receive all the nutrition it requires to ensure our wellbeing and help us to perform at an optimum level. Although your body will be able to produce a few vitamins, it is unable to manufacture minerals or trace elements. The long-term effects of this impact your general wellbeing and can lead to conditions linked to inadequate nutrition. This article explains the benefits of including a natural mineral drink in your diet.

Brain areas altered during hypnotic trances identified

Researchers at Stanford University found changes in three areas of the brain that occur when people are hypnotized. By scanning the brains of subjects while they were hypnotized, researchers could see the neural changes associated with hypnosis. This article looks at each of these three areas of the brain.

Over-the-counter vitamins or Practitioner-only supplements: what's best?

Have you ever looked at that bottle of fish oil or 'shelf stable' probiotic sitting on the dusty supermarket shelf and wondered to yourself: “How long has THAT been there? Am I just wasting my money?” This article looks at the truth about supplements and explains where you can get the most benefit.

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Health4You is very helpful and easy to navigate. The response I got was promising which made me go ahead after my initial thoughts of advertising on this site. The price is reasonable for such a wide coverage. I like the idea of the range of packages on offer. Glad to be asked to give feedback you know that there are real persons behind the scenes attending to your needs. Glad I found you.

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Santhosa Yoga & Meditation School
Hatha Yoga
Woolamai, Victoria

We have had a Free Listing with Health4You to date and have received many enquiries, visits to our website and new clients. We have been very impressed with the ease of using the site and the supportive-friendly staff.

In particular, we like the reports, updates and the analytics that are clear and concise.

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Thus, our decision today to upgrade to the Silver package has been a very easy one and an effortless process.

It is a pleasure to be associated with Health4You and would encourage anyone interested to grow their business to consider Health4You.

From Achim Schenk, at:

Satori Self Development
Harrington Park, New South Wales

Health4You is very easy to use. It is the most user friendly health directory I’ve ever seen.

I started using the FREE listing in 7 months ago and it appears to me that my listing is always showing on the first page on google.

I have had inquiries through the site and today I am upgrading to the SILVER package. If it was good with the free listing, now I am very excited to get much more leads and reviews. It is so important to keep visibility for us health professionals, so we are seen by those who need our services the most.

Health4You is very focused on health, publishing articles and promoting the holistic aspect of health and fitness.

These guys have got my trust!

From Camila Gayatri, at:

Camila Gayatri - Remedial Massage and Kinesiology
Remedial Massage
Kogarah, New South Wales