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Couples Massage is available for only $130 per hour. Couples massage is a service offered where two people (usually, but not always, couples), are massaged side-by-side on separate tables and by separate providers. It adds a social element to massage. Its social, its fun and it saves time as you are not waiting for your partner to get massaged after you have finished.

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New clients can receive $20 off your first session by mentioning this add from health 4You

Parramatta all male massage, total satisfaction, m2m touch, massage for men, full massage m4m massage, body slides, relaxing and totally enjoyable get rubbed and touched all over head to toe, adult service and get the ultimate male experience, shower and fresh clean towels, male masseur, I'm very friendly, laid back and easy going, I will have you feeling relaxed and at ease within a few minutes of us meeting, I'm In a modern apartment with lots of parking.

Gay male massage, mens only massage, body to body massage, m2m adult massage, male masseur come and enjoy the ultimate male experience a full service, shower before and after fresh clean towels, Parramatta, Sydney's finest gay male massage, friendly easy going. I will have you feeling relaxed within minutes of us meeting. In/outcall. Get the massage you really want

Male to male massage close to Parramatta CBD, total satisfaction, m2m touch, massage for guys, full body massage, m4m massage, body slides, relaxing and totally enjoyable get rubbed and touched all over head to toe, adult service for the ultimate male experience, fresh clean towels, male masseur, I'm very friendly, laid back and easy going, I will have you feeling relaxed and at ease within a few minutes of us meeting, clean modern apartment lots of parking In/outcalls.

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Pre-Christmas special. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction please call our intake team for immediate admission to our intensive 2-week out patient program.

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Discounted Price - 10% OFF REGULAR PRICE UNTIL END OF DECEMBER 2020. Was $800 now $720 Correspondence Course The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine (Diploma) incorporating Facial Diagnostics. Course Outline: * The fundamentals of Biochemistry accorded to Dr. Schuessler * Describes individually each of the 12 mineral salts * Signs and symptoms of deficiencies (patient history) * The use of and the art of Facial Diagnostics and Diagnostics generally * Treatments – Prescriptions – Doses; and the important aspect of detecting why there are deficiencies of these essential elements. By use of these methods, applied to the proven science of Biochemic Therapy, seeks to teach the student how to treat the cause rather than the signs and symptoms of the disease. * Physiological aspect of the elements in their Structural, Electrochemical, Metabolic, Catalytic and Miscellaneous roles * The mineral salts as Cation and Anion pairs * Absorption and Assimilation * The value of the Arndt Schultz Law in considering the prescription. * The role and effects of the mineral salts in the process of Osmosis, and how this can positively affect the absorption and assimilation of both Homoeopathic, Allopathic, and alternative therapeutic treatments. For more information please contact us

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Ayurvedic Massage or Abhyanga Massage Five days, One Hour Abhyanga or Ayurveda Massage Valued $650, now available for $499 when purchased as Five day Package Abhyanga is a full body oil massage that is performed by our Ayurveda doctor using medicated herbal oils. It is one of the popular stress-relief treatments existing in Kerala Ayurveda. This seven-point massage therapy helps balance the three Doshas and relaxes the muscles and joints to improve good circulation.

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Book Udvartana Weight Loss Massage and Get a Complimentary Swedana/ Steam Bath Treatment for Udvartana + Swedana for 60 Minutes- $ 150 ( You Save $50) Udvartana is a type of Ayurvedic body massage performed in upward strokes using a mixture/powder made from medicinal herbs. Unlike other massage therapies, the rubdown is performed in the opposite direction, aiding fat burn, exfoliation of skin and stress-relief. There are two types of Udvartana procedures in Kerala Ayurveda that are followed with precision and accuracy at Herbal Heal. The first is Snigadh or Sneha Udvartana, which is powder massage using a herbal paste that is prepared from a mixture of powdered herbs and medicated oils. The second variety is called Ruksha Udvartana, which is primarily a dry procedure involving rubdown with a coarse powder made from herbs. Benefits :- Reduces cellulite and body fat Improves blood circulation Rejuvenates the sense of touch Removes toxins Indications:- Obesity Muscular weakness Paralysis Sciatica

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Purchase one visit and receive a 10% discount on your second visit. Most body work therapies charge $125 + for a 75 minute session. I have already lowered my prices to $100 per 75 minutes because I want to be more assessable to those in need at this difficult time. This discount offers a further 10% off your second visit.

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Mention this listing and site "Health4You" and receive a FREE trial session, valued at $15 in any class of your choosing. ** Health Form must be completed before the class and the COVID-19 Safe plan must be adhered to. Email us to book in your class. The PIT Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Centre Personal Defence Studios Unit 10/156 Hartley Rd, SMEATON GRANGE NSW 2567 Coaching for Men, Women & Children: Tae Kwon Do - Ju Jitsu- Boxing - Kickboxing - Tai Chi - Karate - Weaponry - Self Defence - Personal Training & more Home of: Longevity Senior Services 50+ Club - Proactive Health/Fitness, Info & Social Home of: Parkinson's Wellness Macarthur - Boxing The PIT Martial Arts Health & Fitness Centre Belong Evolve Excel

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Are you interested in Pilates .. have we pricked your ears❓ Participate in ZOOM LIVE Online Pilates Matwork. Your first class is FREE and we will assist you in your set up for the best viewing. Active Pilates Queensland holds very interactive Online classes. We can see you clearly and instruct you in postural corrections, correct muscle patterns and give you feedback as we go through the hour. You are in the comfort of your own home and we encourage you to take your time and work at your own pace. Look forward to seeing you. ????‍♀️

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I offer a free 20m consultation so you can explain what you are looking for and we can get to know each other a little to help determine if we are a good fit for help you your concerns and needs. If so, we can go ahead and book a session or if not I can help refer you to something more suitable at no charge

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Panchakarma detox is a set of Ayurvedic herbal remedies for detoxification that has been in practice in Kerala’s Ayurvedic centers for many decades. It consists of herbal massages performed using medicated oils that treat the skin for restoring youthfulness, rejuvenating the mind and detoxifying the body. It is a combination of five traditional methods that balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha.. Herbal Heal Ayurveda Sydney’s Panchakarma treatment package is based on health requirements. Generally, treatments run for 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14 or 21 days. Price - Advised after consultation based on client’s health requirements. All the treatments at are performed by Dr Aswani Anil. Dr Aswani Anil, a highly qualified doctor from Kerala, a state considered by many as the home of Ayurveda. Aswani graduated from the prestigious Alva’s Ayurvedic Medical College, Mangalore, affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences. She started off as a Panchakarma medical officer at a multi-specialty Ayurvedic hospital called Parathuvayalil Hospital in Kerala. She trained under the guidance of the chief physician, Dr Pathrose Parathuvayalil and soon rose to the mantle of a trusted and skilful doctor of Ayurveda. Book an appointment and experience Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma in the Heart of Sydney.

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Add a half hour signature head massage to any service for only $30, saving $20. Must mention offer at time of booking to allow additional time for the service.

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Bring balance and personal power back into your life. Feel energised and creative. Unblock your energy centres and feel inner calm. Chakra balancing can easily be incorporated into your weekly self care routine allowing you to create peace and balance in your own home. $59 for 60 min. Normally $85 per hour. A wellness boost that fits beautifully with your finances and with your need for Balance, Harmony and inner strength. Valid on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday You can add an additional 30 minutes for $30.00. Additional options can include a choice of wellness coaching, facilitating change and embracing life work, tongue analysis, Reiki or crystal discussions Which ever way you wish to find balance, please contact me so I can assist with your journey. I hold Diploma's in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Business, Master of Herbalism Dip, and am a Reiki Master and Well Being Coach,. I am a qualified adult educator and spent 10 years in working for Complementary therapies and dance training companies. I would love to help you move toward your goals. Discounted Appointments are for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays until 4th Dec 2020

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Are you finding that the changes happening today due to Covid-19 are impacting on you? Perhaps you may be feeling more stressed or anxious. Do you find yourself over reacting to situations and this is not normal for you? During the quiet time I developed the Stress Hypnosis Program to help people like yourself or anyone else you feel could benefit from accessing this program. The program is free so we are not asking for any payment for it. We just want to see and help people cope with the stress they may be feeling during this time. It is a step by step program with lots of information videos and most importantly the two Hypnosis recordings. There is also a recording explaining how hypnosis works. Overall it is an easy program and we would love to see as many people as possible access it. Let us look after the people around us and if you feel there is someone you know and you may even be concerned about, then share this information with them. The program is one of the program on the Hypnosis Breakthrough website.

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Just use the code VIP10 in the checkout for 10% off your AlignMat acupressure Mat. This includes free shipping and any of different colours, including black, purple and blue/

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A few sessions of acupuncture often makes a massive difference. Our introductory offer includes a 90 minute first session and three 60 minute follow ups. On average you will be paying $60 per session. We ask for payment after your first session, so try before you buy. You will pay up to $450 for four similar session at other Gold Coast clinics. Save up to $210.