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All first sessions with Reiki Master Zeena are half price. When you recommend a friend and they attend their first session, you get your next one for half price. When you book 3 full price sessions you get a free Crystal gift work $90 from the Chakras Balanced collection.

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New clients can receive $20 off your first session by mentioning this add from health 4You

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$20 OFF YOUR FIRST KINESIOLOGY SESSION OR KAHUNA MASSAGE Kinesiology. A way forward, free from pain.... ​ Physical Pain (Back, Neck Shoulder, Knee, Injury or from Surgery) Emotional Pain (Anxiety, Depression, BiPolar) Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia) ​ Kinesiology facilitates your body's own healing processes. The physical body has an innate way to heal itself. The same principles apply to the emotional body. We believe they are linked together, therefore to heal from a physical issue or an emotional issue, you need to integrate healing on all levels. Kinesiology, as one healing modality, works holistically with your physical, emotional, mental and electromagnetic energies toward complete healing. ​ Remember the old saying, “Continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome......?” If your current lifestyle, diet, emotional stress etc. has created an illness or disease, then continuing to do the same things each day and expecting your body to heal itself under these conditions makes it near impossible for a different outcome to be available to you. However if you make some simple changes to create balance in your life then it can be easy for the body to heal. Limited to 1 per person.

Parramatta all male massage, total satisfaction, m2m touch, massage for men, full massage m4m massage, body slides, relaxing and totally enjoyable get rubbed and touched all over head to toe, adult service and get the ultimate male experience, shower and fresh clean towels, male masseur, I'm very friendly, laid back and easy going, I will have you feeling relaxed and at ease within a few minutes of us meeting, I'm In a modern apartment with lots of parking.

Experience the difference of a CLINICAL GRADE SAUNA. Most comfortable sauna ever, heat is optional not necessary, works on 3 different waves of infrared. Optimal health outcomes with specific settings for pain, weight loss, detox, relaxation & cardiovascular health. Single sessions usually $38 (buy 8 for $190) that means you only pay $23.75 per session. You have 12 months to use your package. Call the clinic to make your purchases and book your first session. Our clinic complies with the 2 people per gathering regulation and social distancing during COVID-19 and we have also completed and applied the Infection control module requested by our professional associations and the Australian Government.

Gay male massage, mens only massage, body to body massage, m2m adult massage, male masseur come and enjoy the ultimate male experience a full service, shower before and after fresh clean towels, Parramatta, Sydney's finest gay male massage, friendly easy going. I will have you feeling relaxed within minutes of us meeting. In/outcalls 7 days.get the massage you really want

Male to male massage close to Parramatta CBD, total satisfaction, m2m touch, massage for guys, full body massage, m4m massage, body slides, relaxing and totally enjoyable get rubbed and touched all over head to toe, adult service for the ultimate male experience, fresh clean towels, male masseur, I'm very friendly, laid back and easy going, I will have you feeling relaxed and at ease within a few minutes of us meeting, clean modern apartment lots of parking In/outcalls.

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Bookings this month will receive a 10 % discount on the first Initial consultation if you mention this side .

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Sleep is an important part of the overall wellbeing, but due to hustle-bustle full of lifestyle, people ignore this important part which leads to several problems like various sleep-related disorders. Excessive sleepiness is one such problem that most people are suffering from. Pills like Modafinil is useful in dealing with excessive sleepiness problem and it keeps you active and alert. You can buy good quality Modafinil online from realmedrx website at good rates. Also if you order over 250 Australian dollars, you will get 40 bonus pills.

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We have a special grand opening pricing on our introductory, monthly and set classes pass. Plus... Be one of our first 50 new members with a monthly unlimited pass or set classes pass to receive a complimentary free gift pack valued at $50. Please visit our website for more information.

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Early bird $10 discount for upcoming "Improve How You Move" Awareness Through Movement series. Book by Sun 5 July 2020 to receive discount (automatically applied at check-out).

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Are you finding that the changes happening today due to Covid-19 are impacting on you? Perhaps you may be feeling more stressed or anxious. Do you find yourself over reacting to situations and this is not normal for you? During the quiet time I developed the Stress Hypnosis Program to help people like yourself or anyone else you feel could benefit from accessing this program. The program is free so we are not asking for any payment for it. We just want to see and help people cope with the stress they may be feeling during this time. It is a step by step program with lots of information videos and most importantly the two Hypnosis recordings. There is also a recording explaining how hypnosis works. Overall it is an easy program and we would love to see as many people as possible access it. Let us look after the people around us and if you feel there is someone you know and you may even be concerned about, then share this information with them. The program is one of the program on the Hypnosis Breakthrough website.

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Virtual consults from your home. Services include meal & wellness planning chronic disease management and reversal coaching for relationship with food and self alignment BULK BILLED GP referred EPC Consults Health is Indeed the new Wealth. At Innately Well your Inner Health is the focus and your Outer Health is the result Call or make a booking at innatelywell website with code VIRTUAL20

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Just use the code VIP10 in the checkout for 10% off your AlignMat acupressure Mat. This includes free shipping and any of different colours, including black, purple and blue/

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A few sessions of acupuncture often makes a massive difference. Our introductory offer includes a 90 minute first session and three 60 minute follow ups. On average you will be paying $60 per session. We ask for payment after your first session, so try before you buy. You will pay up to $450 for four similar session at other Gold Coast clinics. Save up to $210.

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Book your FREE Health Status and Stress Trigger Evaluation Allow Erin Barnes, Stress and Behaviour Change Specialist, to get underneath your physical, mental, emotional and behavioural stress drivers, and provide you with valuable insight so that you can successfully move toward peak performance, vitality and whole life fulfilment. You need to be committed to change if you're to take up this no cost and no obligation evaluation.

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This is for you if you want a snapshot of your current health status, establish your health goals and to determine if you would like to work more closely with Stephanie in implementing a tailored program in-line with your needs. This includes an initial health questionnaire and a body composition assessment. A body composition includes: Weight, Body fat % Muscle mass Visceral fat rating Physique rating Body water % Metabolic age Basal metabolic rate Daily calorie intake

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Welcome to receive 10% off any of my services. Find what matches your goals; Structured program of healthy eating and moving more, or a personal plan to fit in with your busy life, or join a cooking and nutrition workshop to learn about cooking more plant based meals and the health benefits.

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Use Code WS10OFF on Checkout. One use per customer. Minimum purchase of nutrition/supplement $20.00

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New clients, we'd love to meet you! Just quote NC20 when you book to receive 20% off any full-priced service, includes all facial treatments