3 tips to keeping fit and healthy for a lifetime

3 tips to keeping fit and healthy for a lifetime
When it comes to our health we will often shop around for the best doctors, specialists and advisors.

We will spend thousands of dollars on medication, doctor and specialist visits without a second thought when it comes to our health and well being...

Yet when we are looking to invest in our own health and fitness (for those that do) many are looking for the cheapest options to get fit and healthy rather than the best fit for our needs.

As a fitness trainer, I people often tell me:
“I used to be fit but…”
“I want to get healthy”
“I want to get fitter”
“I want more energy”
“I want to look after myself”
“I've had a gym membership for two years but don’t use it”
“I go to the gym, but I'm not getting the results that I want”

This is all great – and I want to help all of these people;

However, the very same people then have these excuses:
“I don't have time”
“I have kids activities so I cant make your classes”
“I want the personalised service but its too expensive”
“ I want to work with you, but need to ask my husband...”

My general feeling at this point is WOW!

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Why would you need to ask your husband, wife or partner if its okay for you to “look after yourself"? Or to just be healthy?

Since when was it someone else's decision? When did we become dependent on others to keep us healthy?

If its important to you, you will find the time / money / commitment to look after yourself. To commit to being healthy for yourself.

When did we decide that we should compromise on the best care and advice when it comes to our fitness, nutrition or health?

If we were to just stop focusing on bandaid solutions and start investing in our own health and well being, we are actually more likely to save money in the longer term.

I am often told that its easier for me because I am a fitness trainer.


Because - although it may seem that I don’t have commitments of family, work, study, and the rest - I'm really just like the next person with the same type of stresses in life.

What makes me different is that I do not compromise on my health, fitness or general well being. I know why I want to be fit and healthy, not just now but for my lifetime.

I shift the things that I deem as "non-important stuff" - like Netflix and following a TV series - to ensure I give myself the time and opportunity to work on my mind and body.

This means I make time for exercise.

I free up time to work on my mental health, I free up time to prepare meals for myself, I free up time to spend with my baby, and my family.


Because I only have one body and it needs to last me my lifetime!


So here are three tips that will help you to keep your body fit and healthy for a lifetime:


1. Make time for your body

You are the only person that can prioritise your time for the things that are important to you. To make time for your priorities may mean needing to challenge yourself with what is actually really important.

Write a list of all the items that take up your time - categorise these as family / work / personal commitments / social commitments. Then confirm what is important right now, and what can be shifted.

Use this free time to focus on your body. This may include exercising, focusing on meal preparation and a food shopping list for the week, and participating in self care such as stretching, taking a hot bath or getting a massage.


2. Make the investment to yourself

To be able to focus on having the body and mindset that you want requires investment; so invest in good quality fresh food items, invest in your exercise with a good pair of runners or training shoes, invest in your mind through reading or listening to people who inspire you.

If you do not like exercising on your own, then consider group classes, fitness classes or a hobby in a group environment so you can also socialise and get fitter with like minded people. 


3. Commit to yourself

When we make a psychological contract with ourselves to commit to our priorities and develop the best version of ourselves, we can then hold ourselves accountable to reaching our goals.

Write out your goals, write out your commitments and share these with close friends and family so they can help you on your journey and be your support network. Make specific requests so your support network can clearly see where they are able to support you and whether or not they can commit to your requests. 


And finally - something to think about - what sort of commitments can you make to develop into the best version of yourself?


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