New Research Reveals the Secret To Happiness

New Research Reveals the Secret To Happiness
The General Social Survey is reported to be one of the best sources of US happiness data. The most recent survey shows the top three things that impact people’s happiness most are health, relationships and financial circumstances:

1) Good Health
The biggest personal factor in determining happiness is health. Healthy people are about 20 percent happier than average while unhealthy people are about 8.25 percent unhappier.

2) Matrimony
Next comes marriage. Married individuals are about 10 percent happier than people who have never been married.

3) Money
Personal income plays a smaller role. In general, however, people with higher incomes are happier, with the people in the highest income bracket about 3.5 percent happier than average.


An interesting question to ask here is which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or more specifically, does our level of happiness determine whether we are healthy, partnered and rich… or do these factors actually determine our level of happiness? If you’re look-ing to improve your wellbeing, happiness and relationships, try The Self Love Project. It’s a 6 week science-based experiment for improving every area of your life!

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