Are you suffering Adenal Fatigue?

Are you suffering Adenal Fatigue?
Adrenal Fatigue is a condition that turns up when we need it least - when we're stressed!

Many people may experience these symptoms and think it's associated with depression or another issue, and try to resolve the symptoms rather than permanently fixing the real problem.

If you suffer from three or more of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from adrenal insufficiency or fatigue:

1. Abuse alcohol, drugs or food as a coping mechanism

2. Anxiety and/or depression

3. Energy slump especially in the afternoon around 3.00pm

4. Exhaustion/extreme fatigue

5. Frequent headaches

6. High blood pressure

7. Hormonal imbalances such as menopausal symptoms

8. Insomnia – can’t fall asleep and/or frequent waking through the night

9. Joint and muscle pain

10. Lowered immunity

11. Low libido – you are just too tired!

12. Mood swings – you vary between anger, irritability, and feelings of overwhelm or sadness

13. Panic attacks

14. Poor concentration and memory

15. Poor stress tolerance

16. Racing heart beat – sometimes this even wakes you up at night

17. Sugar or salt cravings

18. Weight gain – especially around your waist


For more information about these symptoms on the Adrenal Fatigue checklist, or about Adrenal Fatigue in general, please contact the expert contributor.

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