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    Back On Track Podiatry is a clinic that provides all aspects of podiatry care to all age groups. The clinic specialises in adverse mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb, which also includes the treatment of sporting injuries (i.e. heel / arch pain, Achilles, knee pain etc...) as well as general conditions (i.e. nail problems, painful calluses, corns etc...). The clinic also specialises in nail surgery i.e. for permanent solution of ingrown nails. Back On Track believes prevention is ... Read more better than cure, however, when pain strikes the main objective is to find and then address the primary cause of the condition as well as educate on prevention. Apart from addressing injury and pathological conditions, this clinic also provides information on associated areas in helping prevent conditions arising and / or reoccurring... such as exercises, plyometrics, training drills, stretching etc... For further details on services please go to our website.

    Family oriented comprehensive Podiatry Practice covering all aspects of foot care and problems from Children to Active Adults, Diabetics and the Elderly or Disabled. Level street access, easy parking.