Are you reading this slumped over your smartphone?

Are you reading this slumped over your smartphone?
Be warned. It’s called ‘Smart Phone Syndrome.’ On average, people spend approximately two to four hours (or more!) a day slumped over their phone.

For every millimetre your head hangs forward, the weight of your head becomes heavier and heavier on your spine. This consequently causes an unnecessary amount of pressure on your spine, which can lead to headaches, pain in your neck, upper shoulders and lower back. You can even develop tendinitis in your hands, wrists and thumbs.

Over time this can result in disc bulges, nerve impingement and even neck surgery.

Scary isn’t it?

​Prevention is key!

In the meantime, ensure you take regular breaks (every 30 minutes) and perform the following:

Standing back bends - Hands on hips, lean back. 10 times.

Neck stretch - Tilt ear down to shoulder. Hold 30 seconds. 5 times. Repeat other side. 

Shoulder stretch - Take both hands back, clasp hands together, stretch front of shoulders opening your chest. Hold 30 seconds. 5 times.

If you are concerned, visit your friendly neighbourhood physiotherapist to conduct a full postural assessment and gain advice, treatment and strengthening exercises for correct postural alignment.

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