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Crossfit 2650
CrossFit 2650 is a place for everyday people like you. No matter what your fitness level or limitations you may have we have coaches that can cater to you. We provide the most motivating, friendliest, encouraging environment for people to achieve goals and help them change their lives for ever. The workouts are challenging and achievable you will achieve goals here. We are not just a place a for fitness we are a community.
If you are looking for a friendly and open gym at a decent price that treats you like a person and not a number, then this is not the gym for you


Xceler8 is about to be the biggest gym in Wagga and I cancelled my membership anyway. I spent 18 months being promised a new gym that is still yet to be unveiled. The membership fees are much more than any other gym. Their staff are unable to answer even the simplest of questions regarding membership and the cardio machines are buggy at best. I had a top tier membership which granted me access to classes and the ladies gym, and at $22/week I would expect the cardio machines to at least have functioning screens. Several functions on them (the screen as a whole, the TV function, iPod dock and USB in come cases) have been perpetually broken. It astounds me that they are opening an even larger gym when they can't manage to look after the one they have. There is no sense of community at Xceler8. There is no incentive to come back after missing a few weeks. Once my partner and I mad the decision to end our memberships, we were given 4 different answers by 4 different staff members as to the actual end date of our contracts. It was murky and my partner's cancellation form was removed from them once it they began to list our complaints. When my partner joined they were sold a membership on the basis of a new gym. That was 18 months ago. They felt cheated, and to be honest, so did I. I had an Xceler8 membership on an off for 4 years and I spent a long time hoping it would improve. Hint: it didn't Basically, if you are looking for a friendly and open gym at a decent price that treats you like a person and not a number, then this is not the gym for you. That said, the classes were always wonderfully run and quite fun. Just not worth putting up with the rest of it for them.

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Gyms around 120km from Riverina

Move Gym
In November 2016 Move Gym purchased Fitpeople Personal Training & moved into 8/476 David St, Albury. This long established local business has delivered personal training at the highest level for a decade & we're excited about this new opportunity. Currently we are transitioning Fitpeople to Move Gym. Our current focus is one on one personal training sessions. We also offer: - Focused small group training; - Running coaching; - Corporate group fitness; - Athletic development. These days ...
Supershape Gym has been operating in Albury for well over 20 years and is renowned for helping men, women and children get outstanding RESULTS. The gym has the most amazing amount and range of equipment so you will never get bored having to do the same exercises or wait in a queue to use it. Supershape is owned and operated by two of the most experienced and accomplished personal trainers in Australia-Laurie Butler and Taylor Young both former champion bodybuilders ( Taylor won the 1999 Miss Universe ...

Gyms around 240km from Riverina

Welcome to Trick Fitness – we’re the personal training gym in Canberra which knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to making our members fitness goals become reality. We’ve provided our members with a modern, friendly and relaxed atmosphere where personal progress is prioritised and our experienced personal trainers are there every step of the way, to help motivate and push you that little bit further. Whether you want to build your strength and increase muscle tone; lose weight ...
Mulwaree Muay Thai
Fully equipped boxing gym facility - lose weight, get fighting fit at Mulwaree Muaythai! Female and male trainers, fight experience, we offer group Muay thai fitness classes, Muaythai fight training, kicboxing classes and personal 1 on 1 training! Muaythai is GREAT for weight-loss - check out our website for REAL results! Get fit fast - train like fighters do! Our gym is relaxed, focused and FUN!
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