Everyone is a Healer

Everyone is a Healer
The other day I was doing our local headland walk and as I passed the playground, a three year old took a fall off his bike and grazed his knee. His dad came over to comfort him and put his hand on his knee. It was lovely to see how quickly the child turned from tears to smiles. You might also remember the comforting touch of your mum or dad when you took a fall as a kid. A parent’s touch actually helps injuries improve faster because of the healing energy that is naturally sent from the hands. We are all natural healers, but we can choose to improve this skill, just like any skill.

A Natural Healing Energy

A natural healing energy is coming out of our hands all the time. The only time it stops is when we die, or if we learn how to train our energetic system.

You can feel this energy for yourself, just by placing your palms a couple centimetres from each other. Can you feel that energetic charge that builds up between your palms? That’s a natural healing energy – so you too are a healer!

Sending energy is the the basis for most energetic healing modalities, like Reiki, Qi Gong Healing, Spiritual Healing, Contact Healing, Faith Healing, Therapeutic Touch, and Mahikari.

Removing Congestion

But there’s another, even more effective way of helping others to heal, and that’s by removing congested and stagnant energy in the body. Rather than ‘sending’ energy, it’s more akin to ‘listening’ and ‘feeling’ the energetic system of the body. It encourages the energetic system to move into an opening and clearing cycleto alleviate pain and illness. It’s the basis of how we treat clients in AcuEnergetics®.

Another way to think about it would be if you have a blocked pipe at home.  There are two options;

  • You could force more water (in this case energy) through the pipe in an attempt to move the congestion down and out, or
  • You could remove the blockage (in this case the stagnant energy) to allow the water to continue to flow through the pipe like normal.

As you can imagine, by removing the congested energy to allow it to flow more freely (rather than forcing more energy through an already congested area), you have faster improvements with less side-effects.

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