The healing sounds of nature

The healing sounds of nature
Miracles can happen when you let your voice move you...

Sounding in nature is one of the most powerful things you can do for your soul. We have all had moments of being outside, at the beach, or in the bush where we have been overwhelmed by the urge to call out, to sing, to scream, to cry or to laugh.

On one such occasion, I was walking through the bush, feeling out of sorts because I needed to make some changes in my life but couldn’t see how. It was a beautiful, sunny winter’s day but I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear the birdsong or other sounds of the bush and almost missed the bubbling and gurgling sounds of water. I automatically followed the sounds that became louder and more urgent until I arrived at a roaring waterfall.

There was a deep hum in the air, magnified at the rocks at the top of the falls and my whole body vibrated with it. My throat ached with wanting to express my tears and confusion; so I climbed to the top and lay down on the rock ledge. Immediately I connected with the humming vibration of the rock as it slowly seeped into my body. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and started to sound. The sounds that came out of me were hesitant at first but gradually became louder, deeper and more primal. I cried, I grieved, I roared. I could not have held back if I had wanted. It was as if the ancient rock beneath me were drawing me down yet projecting the sounds out of me at the same time.

I felt my body become lighter yet more solid and grounded as the emotions, confusion and negative self-talk were released through sound. Eventually the sounds softened, became soothing and ceased altogether. I lay in silence feeling the hum of the rock as if it were the hum of my own body, and being deeply held and protected by Mother Earth. In that sacred silence, I listened and received insights into what I needed to do.

This is just one of hundreds of experiences I have now had with sounding in nature. I have learned from experience that, when we use our voice for healing, we access our direct source of power and our suppressed emotions and that nature can assist us in this.

Through this sound healing work I have seen and experienced amazing healings and transformations, not only within myself, but with many, many others. Sounding our natural and spontaneous expression brings us into our bodies, allows us to give voice to all our emotions, supports and encourages us to cry like a baby, scream like a banshee and laugh like a lunatic. Let your voice move you! Let it awaken you, deepen you, shake you and transform you on a cellular level. When you do this, miracles can happen.


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