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    Free 15 minute discovery call

    Book your free 15 minute discovery call to find out how We Breathe can support you. We Breathe Breathing sessions are available online and in person in West Footscray.

    I teach a scientifically based breathing technique designed to normalize your breathing. Many health conditions are known to be caused or worsened by dysfunctional breathing. Those conditions include sleep apnoea, asthma, anxiety, rhinitis, sinusitis, fibromyalgia and many others. My Mindful Buteyko Breathing Course is taught over a 4 week period comprising 5 sessions at a cost of $525. The Course fee includes a free information session, a fortnightly follow up session, Course Materials and a copy... Read more

    We breath on average 20,000 times per day. This is a physical activity and as such is often completely overlooked as a tool for our health in this modern world. What if altering how I breath could initiate or at least facilitate the ability for the body to make profound changes? We offer breathe re-training for clients interested in optimising their functionality. With a focus on sleep disordered breathing, chronic hyperventilation and other breath related issues as well as clients who just want... Read more

    Bodyworks Buteyko Breathing Technique

    Buteyko Breathing Technique is retraining the pattern of breathing to stop hyperventilation and this way to improve health in general without medication or surgery. Read more

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