Vibrating Fitness Roller

by Steve on 29-06-2015 Best Bodies
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Vibrating Fitness Roller

So now there is a vibrating roller, rechargeable and all. The new Vyper High Intensity Fitness roller is available from Hyperice.

We dont have one to test, no they didnt send us one, just the press release anouncing the launch so this is some free marketing but we thought it was interesting enough to post given most folk who are active have some sort of roller for calves, butt, back etc. and most of us believe they work with the creaking, cracking and moaning which ensues when using, so why not add a vibrator to it. Everything else seems to have one including the new Apple iWatch. Oh hang I stand corrected thats a taptic engine. Dont let your mind wonder here folks.


  • 3 speeds
  • Rechargeable 16.8 Lithium battery, giving 2 hours of use per charge
  • German engineered outer shell to transfer maximum vibration
  • Delivers high intensity and high frequency vibration
  • Claimed as eco- friendly. Thought my non rechargeable roller would have been even more eco friendly!
  • Not a sex toy, but could be

Claimed benefits

  • Loosens, lengthens muscles
  • Increases range of flexibility
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery
  • Effective for Myfascial release
  • Helps warm up and recovery


  • Because they can
  • Because you like the latest shit
  • Because it may make you feel like a real badass
  • Because it has a rechargable battery and 3 speeds

We could find no climical trials, but from the images and info provided and sex toy jokes aside this does look kinda neat and like a good idea. We felt like we would all want to buy one, that is until we saw the price at $199. But then it is German engineered and a whole lot cheaper than an Audi. If you just want to foam roll then check out our foam roller techniques here.

Also hard to see or find the exact length. From images on ther facebook page seems like a shortish roller width wide we assume vibrators are not cheap.

So if you have a spare 200 bucks, this is for you. No doubt it will help with more than giving you a massage while you roll and be a discussion point. 



Steve writes articles and resource pages for He lives on the Northern beaches and is an avid tester of new fitness gadgets, shoes and accessories as well as being a keen runner, cyclist and swimmer. Note we said keen, not necessarily good. Steve also has an ongoing interest in weight management, given he is also a beer enthusiast.