New - Request a Service

by The Health4You Team on 04-09-2017
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New - Request a Service

For Visitors

If you are a visitor looking for a service provider, you now have the option of letting us do the hard work for you.

Where we have enough businesses in your location to deliver the service you are looking for; say for example a fitness personal trainer in Pyrmont, you will see a “Contact Personal Trainers in Pyrmont” tile at the top of the page and in certain cases when applicable also a booking tile where you can request a booking.

This new request a service functionality allows you to first clarify your requirements by answering a series of questions about your needs, specifically formulated by category and then to empower businesses who want to deliver that service to you to contact you, helping you avoid those businesses who may already be over capacity or on holidays as an example. Only three businesses will ever be given your contact details.

You can find out more information on how to request a service here and we suggest you read our FAQ's here.


For Business


If you are a business, and tired of paying for search ads and getting clicks with little added value, then creating a listing and bidding for qualified leads from potential customers looking for your services  may just be what you are looking for.

To do this, you will need at least a Free Listing on our website. There are however also paid listing options which will give you greater suburb coverage and also allow you to bid for leads up to to the value of your monthly payment each month at no additional cost.


Simple and Effective


It really is that simple. No upfront commitment, credits, tokens, payments or other complicated mechanisms.

You can pay as you go, and if you don’t want to receive these leads, just turn them off in your Members Area. Your business contact details will still remain on the website as before, so visitors can still find and contact you direct if they want to.

You can find out more information on how the process works here and we suggest you read our FAQ's here.