Get into Melbourne Running for February 2015

by Winnie on 10-02-2015 Running
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Get into Melbourne Running for February 2015

Check out these selected Melbourne running events for you. Get out your Lulu Lemon, Running Bare, Lorna Jane, Target or whatever it is you wear, choose your distance and claim your race this February in Melbourne. No excuses!

Melbourne running - February

  1. Western Melbourne Orienteering Series
    Distance: 4km - 10km
    Location: Kingsville, Avondale Heights
    Date: 17th, 24th February 2015
    Run URL:
  2. Cupid's Undie Run
    Distance: 1.5km
    Location: St Kilda
    Date: 14th February 2015
    Run URL:
  3. Muscular Dystrophy Australia Run For Strength
    Distance: 5km, 10km
    Location: Albert Park Lake
    Date: 15th February 2015
    Run URL:
  4. Yarra Bend Fun Run
    Distance: 6km, 12km
    Location: Yarra Bend Park
    Date: 15th February 2015
    Run URL:
  5. Neon Run
    Distance: 5km
    Location: Albert Park
    Date: 21st February 2015
    Run URL:
  6. Sri Chinmoy Melbourne and Geelong Race Series
    Distance: 5km, 10km, 15km
    Location: Yarra Boulevard
    Date: 22nd February 2015
    Run URL:
  7. Hobsons Bay Running
    Distance: 5km
    Location: Newport
    Date: 28th February 2015
    Run URL:

Think race preparation:
If you are new to this, race preparation avoids any unwanted little happennings to put you off on the day, like forgetting to charge your GPS or wearing different shoes because you got changed in the dark. Yes this have happened to me.

My race checklist includes the following for the night before:

  1. Putting your clothes out, all stuff you have run in before including socks, undies, shorts, top/s. Nothing new, you don't want to chafe.
  2. Charge your Garmin, Tom Tom or whatever you use and put it out with your heartrate monitor.
  3. Fuel your water bottles and make sure they are standing upright for the night not sideways. Most runs have water stations, check what you are comfortable with.
  4. Fav running shoes, check their tread, shoe laces and for any other damage you may not have noticed before. Never run in new shoes in a race!
  5. If you are carrying a pouch, take $20, energy gels, just in case, your keys and phone. Spibelts are good for this.
  6. Running sunnies, make sure they are clean
  7. Cap, only tried and trusted one
  8. Go to the loo
  9. Headphones, most events prefer you don't wear headphones and for good reason but I have never seen anyone arrested for this!
  10. If in Winter, take an old T shirt you can remove once you start, makes it a little more comfortable in the cold mornings of June.


The above list of events has been compiled manually from various sources around the web, if you find any errors please let us know. Please also check details on the respective race websites before registering and ensure you can safely complete the race distance. Good Luck and post your times in a comment if you care!



Winnie updates our monthly events pages for the blog after trawling the web to find the best events and happenings.