Foam Roller Joy

by Steve on 31-01-2015 Motivation
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Foam Roller Joy

Firstly, this is report from A little long winded but great graphics which I thought worth sharing. If you have foam roller, use this post as a guide before bed each night to get all those muscles massaged. a bit like a Physio in your own home or at least that what my physio said, the foam roller has a similar effect to her massage if applied properly. 

To work effectively, you need a couple of minute on each, not just like 10s. So get comfortable and do this properly. I have included my favourites:

Thigh rolling:

Bottom thigh roam roller

Top thigh foam rolling


Calf foam roll

The Butt

Gluteus foam rolling

More gluteus maximus foam rolling

Back rolling

To Back rolling

Mid back rolling

Thanks to t nation for a great post and images. You can read the original post here.



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