Exercising a Higher Priority than Business

by Steve on 10-10-2016 Motivation
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Exercising a Higher Priority than Business

Why should your exercise be a higher priority than your business?

Because your business ultimately depends on it. Think about why a business exists. A business exists to make money, all things are ancillary. Ha! you say, what about a great culture and leadership and talent retention or even the Christmas party? Well these are, or should be about attracting and retaining the right people, which means better productivity, less transitions to new employees, lower recruitment costs and ultimately a better and more profitable business. Making sense?

Likewise with exercise, if your business is the core priority, it will make the dollars but if you are not thinking clearly, or have to take days off due to ill health, the long term effect on your business will be reduced profits. So while business is a priority, being healthy and fit provides a higher overall maximum benefit.

There is no excuse not to exercise. If you start early, get up earlier. If its cold, get warmer gear, if you have a running injury, go cycling. No equipment? Do pushups and sit ups. There are enough free programs and related information on the Internet and YouTube top get anyone going. So there is no excuse other than motivation and committment not to exercise.

Great article on this at Entrepreneur.com written by Josh Steimle called "Why exercising is a higher priority than my business" here. In short then: 

Loss of exercise = lower productivity

Lower of productivity = Lower revenue




Steve writes articles and resource pages for Health4you.com.au. He lives on the Northern beaches and is an avid tester of new fitness gadgets, shoes and accessories as well as being a keen runner, cyclist and swimmer. Note we said keen, not necessarily good. Steve also has an ongoing interest in weight management, given he is also a beer enthusiast.