CES 2015 Health & Fitness Wearables

by Steve on 19-01-2015 Running
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CES 2015 Health & Fitness Wearables
CES is a huge technology showcase conference in the US and ran from 6-9 Jan 2015. Interesting new sport tech amongst some of the new stuff put otu there. Some of my favourites and the more interesting I havent seen in Australia below:.

The Emiota Belt

Why would'nt you want a belt that adjusts automatically to make you more comfortable, nudges you if you are not moving enough, has bluetooth, is a pedometer and tracks your waistline trend. Only if you wear boardies every day would you not want such a belt. Interesting concept but we think more of a novelty like many others in this category other than for niche users. Nice Tech. See more at emiota.com.
Emiota Belt

The SmartMat

Into Yoga? Plug into the SmartMat which is also a Yoga coach with feedback due to sensors in the mat. for over 60 different poses. Cost is USD297 and has raised USD320,000 so far. I would buy one. Not sure if there is a weight limit though, could be a problem for me. Check out Smartmat.com.
Smartmat Yoga Mat
Watch out all you Yoga studios, this could take off!


An office chair that can also give you a full workout. Sounds good in theory. In practice not sure I want to sweat at my desk, although I usually am, just not from exercise. What about the sweat on the floor? Nice design, good innovative thinking. Not sure how musch this would set you back, but some loose weights from Rebel we suspect may be cheaper. See more at tao-wellness.com.
Tao Chair

Sony's head mounted display

So no more Google Glass? No problem, check out Sony's Attach Smart Eyeglasses. You can attach this to any paid or glasses or subglasses, so BYO glasses. If you don't wear glasses like me, then um get some cheapies from the Pharmacy. They didnt really find a use for Glass or maybe better to say identify the problem narrowly that Glass was going to solve. Maybe Sony will have better luck.
 Sony eye attach


So FitBit anounced 2 new trackers. Withings rolled out their $150 version of the Activite health watch called the Activite Pop. Not sure these are even available in Australia. According to Venturebeat this answers the market demand for fitness wearables at a lower price point. (Withings make the fancy Internet enabled scales, so you can know exactly what all the strangers in your house actually weigh without them knowing you know, if you know what I mean.
Activite Pop
And then ofcourse for you upmarket lot there is the Swarovski Bling which is a tracker and ofcourse can we worn to those fancy dinner parties. 2 new wearbles with 9 sparkling accessories. Very flash.

In conclusion

Lots of other baby trackers and interesting things health and non health related. Me, I wear the Garmin Fenix 2 and love it. You can read more on Wired here.


Steve writes articles and resource pages for Health4you.com.au. He lives on the Northern beaches and is an avid tester of new fitness gadgets, shoes and accessories as well as being a keen runner, cyclist and swimmer. Note we said keen, not necessarily good. Steve also has an ongoing interest in weight management, given he is also a beer enthusiast.